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GradeMaster Partners with SmartEdTech to Help Teachers Bridge the Gap between Assessment Data and Instruction

Teachers using the GradeMaster standards-based grading platform will now have the ability to connect assessment data with mobile apps to support instructional strategies.

SUNNYVALE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Standards-based assessments and grading provide a rich array of detailed information about a student’s academic progress. Yet, research shows that teachers often struggle when translating evidence about student learning into subsequent instructional steps. To help teachers quickly and easily access aligned instructional content to move student learning forward, GradeMaster will integrate SmartEdTech® mobile learning technologies with its online standards-based grading platform.

Through this partnership, teachers who use GradeMaster to track students’ mastery of learning standards will now be able to leverage SmartEdTech to streamline their ability to make data driven instructional decisions. While the rich data offered by GradeMaster allows for differentiation, the integration of SmartEdTech supports educators in taking a prescribed next instructional step to create personalized learning opportunities for students, using real-time data.

Also, with embedded SmartEdTech features, teachers can easily identify and assign mobile learning content that meets the intervention strategies outlined in individualized education plans (IEP), individualized health plans (IHP), 504 plans, and behavioral plans that have been imported into or developed in GradeMaster.

“With nearly 1 million education apps available in various apps stores, there’s a lot of available content that can be used to help students, but teachers simply don’t have the time to discover, research, and assign content that will support students’ individual skill development. Through the integration of SmartEdTech and GradeMaster, teachers can now link their detailed data to instructional strategies that leverage prescribed mobile content,” said Brian Sharp, CEO of SmartEdTech. “The beauty of this combined solution is that it allows teachers to quickly and effectively bridge the divide between assessment data and action.”

“When teachers can easily identify areas of deficiency and provide targeted interventions to quickly remediate or develop those skills, the movement from evidence to action becomes seamless. This truly allows us to deliver on the promise of personalized learning experiences,” said Ben Leven, GradeMaster founder and CEO. “With GradeMaster and SmartEdTech, teachers can now more easily close the gap between a student’s current level of learning and the learning goal.”

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