Vocabulary Spelling City is designed to support students learning to spell words and use them in sentences. Before using the app, teachers and students should login to the app's accompanying website (www.spellingcity.com/) and register. Then, when they first login to this app, students and teachers are presented with sample word lists and games, which can be used in elementary, middle, and high schools. Although the word lists are categorized into different topics (e.g., Colors, Sound-Alikes, Space, Largest US States, and SAT Words), the game options stay the same and include games such as Sentence Unscramble, Audio Word Match, and Test-N-Teach, among others. Each game is designed for users to engage words in a different format. Also, by registering on the website, teachers can create their own word lists, and Vocabulary Spelling City will automatically create the games to accompany their list, which are then immediately accessible on the Vocabulary Spelling City app for students.

Age :

Domain : Language Arts

Sub Domain : Mechanics and Usage, Vocabulary, Foundations, Reading Comprehension