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We have served the special education market space since 2006. Hundreds of therapists who work with us wanted tools and technologies that would help them transform the quality of special education.

Thus SPED K12 was born.

SPED K12 Inc. is from the founders of AlphaVista Services Inc., which has been a leading provider of therapist staffing services to school districts since inception in 2006. SPED K12 Inc. is an innovation-focused company in the special education technology space. Our aim is to change special education by introducing the much needed innovation that will transform service delivery models, transform quality of care and transform cost equations.

In a traditional SPED setting, therapists manually maintain their student case load and therapy details in paper or in disparate spread sheets and have to transport a variety of teaching aides or materials for each child. The traditional methods can lead to lack of transparency, lack of control and ultimately impact the cost and quality of service provided. The SPED K12 suite of products solves all the above mentioned problems. Most importantly, therapists can tailor the learning to individual students and track their progress in real time. The 360-degree approach to managing special education via technology makes it a one stop solution to all stakeholders.

SPED K12's key stakeholders are the special education providers (specifically therapists and administrators), the parents and ultimately the children receiving special education. Services are rendered either in a school setting, private clinic or TeleTherapy.

The SmartEdPad has opened up a world of interaction and engagement for my daughter. She is nonverbal and the SmartEdPad is an effective device providing an opportunity for communication with the world that simply wasn’t possible prior to using it. The training the company offers is comprehensive and through.

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