SmartEdApp for iPads, Android Tablets, Kindles and Chromebooks

Use the SmartEdApp to design scalable, customized learning environments for special education students. SmartEdApp is designed by educators for use by teachers, therapists and parents.

  • Access hundreds of activities vetted by experts and categorized by age, skill, CCSS and other state standards
  • Automatically capture data to track student performance
  • Easily share lesson plans and student progress with an entire IEP team
  • Rely on SmartEdTech’s robust training options and responsive support team


Activities are organized into common IEP categories making it easy to meet IEP goals. Educators have point-of-use access to student data collected from the activities. Student history for each goal can be quickly checked and the information used to redirect instruction. Share reports with other teachers, therapists or child’s parent.

Personalized Views

The customization feature in SmartEdApp keeps your students on task and minimizes distractions, while focusing on the subject area they need. You can easily share these profiles with your special education team.

Easy Collaboration

With SmartEdApp, you can share, collaborate, communicate and interact with your team on a day-to-day basis. Your IEP meetings will be much more efficient because you are able communicate daily with the SmartEdApp software.

Tracking IEP Goals and Data

SmartEdApp is tightly integrated with a data tracker to monitor student performance.

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