Why SmartEdTech?

The SmartEdTech learning management system allows education professionals to design, deliver and track their special education program on tablets.

How Does SmartEdTech Help Its Users?

SmartEdTech is a cost-effective way to provide and track services for students with special needs.

  • Educators can use SmartEdTech on their current tablets. No need to invest in new equipment.
  • Dozens of customizable activities provide a wide range of learning opportunities. No need to purchase a large library of apps.
  • Student performance is automatically recorded and can be charted to show progress. Graphs demonstrate scalable results when communicating with parents, or applying for grants and funding.

SmartEdTech is designed by educators for educators. One tablet with SmartEdEch activities replaces boxes of therapy materials!

  • Search activities by age, targeted skill area and/or educational standards. Select the right activity at the right time for each child.
  • Each activity has directions and videos on how to use it, teaching suggestions, and supplementary materials to download. Writing lesson plans and IEP’s is less time-consuming.
  • Design your own activities within the app to customize learning. Add photos, audio, information about a topic. Simply click and drag; no programming skills are necessary.

SmartEdTech strengthens the home/school connection.

  • Teachers can share what they are doing in the classroom; you can reinforce the learning by using the same activities on your tablet at home.
  • Review charts and graphs to see your child’s progress over time. No need to wait for the next IEP meeting to get information.
  • Communicate instantly via SmartEdTech’s cloud-based collaboration. Stay in touch with your child’s IEP team.

How Does SmartEdTech Support Its Users?

Training Videos at SmartEdTechU

The short videos at SmartEdTechU help you to use our program effectively and are designed for training where-you-can, when-you-can. You can rewind the videos and self-test to be sure that you’ve “got it.”

Live Webinars

Group instruction via Webinars allows you to ask questions in real-time as the instructor demonstrates the program. Join one of our regularly scheduled Webinars or set up a private one for your team’s professional development.

On-site support

When a large school or school district contracts with SmartEdTech, a support team may visit your campus to hold group training sessions or work one-one with specialists. Just as you are there for your students, we are there for you!

Phone and E-mail Support

For questions and support, contact our support team by calling 1-800-982-9430 or email support@smartedtech.com. Our support specialists will contact you as soon as possible.

SmartEdTech Users Speak

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