SmartEdTech offers an extensive library of learning activities catalogued by age and skill, and designed by educators for children with autism, speech and articulation disorders, and learning disabilities. Whatever platform you are using, SmartEdTech will work for you!


Great learning activities

Discover hundreds of activities at your fingertips

  • Reinforce early learning skills, articulation, expressive and receptive language, social skills
  • Aligned to Common Core State Standards and TEKS
  • Receive new activities regularly at no additional cost


Personalized learning environment

Build individual learning environments with the click of a button

  • Educators select specific activities to meet students’ learning goals
  • Students use a distraction-free screen where only his/her activities are visible
  • Educators can create their own activities with our user-friendly interface


Connect the Team

Collaborate effectively with all members of an IEP team, including parents

  • Specialists can work together despite scheduling conflicts and time constraints
  • Parents have free access to view the activities assigned to their children; builds home-school connection
  • IEP stakeholders have up-to-date information during meetings; able to focus on better outcomes


Progress tracking and reporting

Make on-the-spot accommodations as children master skills

  • Tracking software automatically collects data, shows student progress and shares results over time with all stakeholders
  • Dashboard graphs and charts show scalable results; support in-depth analysis

SmartEdTech Online Training

We make you a master of the SmartEdTech solution

“Spare time” is a luxury for special ed teachers and therapists. The short videos at SmartEdTechU help you to use our program effectively and are designed for training-when-you-can, where-you-can. You can rewind the video and self-test to be sure you’ve “got it.” Or if you prefer a group-learning approach, sign up for an online Webinar.

SmartEdTech Transforms Special Education

When professionals praise your product and a video moves you to tears, you know that you are on the right track!

At the invitation of Samsung, SmartEdTech demonstrated its tablet-based customizable learning system for special needs students at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference. In this two-minute video, two users of the SmartEdPad discuss how they use the tablet; 10-year-old Lily, a non-verbal student with cerebral palsy, demonstrates how she learns and communicates with technology.

Yes, SmartEdTech, with both Android and iOS versions of its software and activities, IS transforming special education!

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